Supersmash Kids Cricket

Supersmash Kids Cricket is a paid junior development programme that teaches the fundamentals of batting, bowling and fielding within an exciting and competitive environment.

Designed for children aged 5-7 years (boys and girls), it is the first step on a pathway that can lead to a lifelong involvement in cricket, whether it’s playing, coaching, umpiring, scoring or becoming a fan or maybe one day running on to the field as a BLACKCAP or a WHITE FERN.

Cricket is a great team sport with a rich variety of roles for all children, no matter what gender, age or ability. Through the Supersmash Kids Cricket skills-based sessions, children develop skills, movement and techniques to enjoy the game of cricket. Children will be learning the rules of the game as well as learning the skills of bowling, attacking batting, fielding and wicket-keeping — so that hitting sixes, taking wickets and holding on to catches are within the grasp of all involved.

The aim of the Supersmash Kids Cricket is to get children involved in our sport and to build a new generation of cricketers by helping children discover, explore, and learn to love the game. Cricket is one of New Zealand’s most popular summer sports and by taking part in the Superstar Cricket Academy helps our youngest participants join in on the fun of cricket.

Supersmash Kids Cricket is designed as a practical resource which assists parents, teachers and coaches to effectively and confidently organise and run a Supersmash Kids Cricket programme in a school or club.

It will help standardise the coaching of cricket skills to players throughout New Zealand. The programme focuses on teaching children the essential skills of the game through a series of activities, drills and modified games in preparation for their successful introduction to Supersmash Cricket, a modified format of the game.